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House pressure wash

If you're looking for power washing in Afton for your residential or commercial property, call Under Pressure to set up your free quote! Our team of professionals are skilled in power washing, and can provide a wide variety of services including house washing, deck cleaning, roof cleaning, and more.

What exterior areas do you need help with today? Are you concerned about your overall curb appeal? If so, we can tailor a program to cover several areas of your property every season. If it's just a specific area that needs to be cleaned, like the roof, we're happy to assist you with a one-time service.

You can get a Free Estimate for your Afton home or business by calling our staff or contacting us online. Large or small, we're ready to tackle the project you have in mind.

Quality Power Washing in the Afton Area

When power washing your siding, roof, and painted surfaces, we understand how easy it is for damage to occur during power washing. Our professionals have been thoroughly trained to handle stains and remove grime from the sides of your Afton house, windows, shingles, gutters, and more.

It won't be long until the seasons change again and the weather takes its toll on your house. We can give you a fresh start to the new season by getting rid of the grime coating your siding, cobwebs under the roof or porch areas, and those ugly roof stains that have been bringing down the curb appeal of your Afton property.

If there's any way we can assist you, let us know. Our professionals are standing by to offer you the quality service you're looking for.

  • High-Quality Residential and Commercial Service
  • Licensed, Qualified, and Dedicated Professionals
  • Free Estimates For Your Afton Home or Business
  • Reliable and On-Time Services

Driveway Cleaning and More

Is your concrete driveway getting slippery when it's wet? Slippery horizontal surfaces can be a hazard to walk on and drive on. The driveway or walkway areas need to be safe to use, so let's talk about getting rid of the grime. Driveway cleaning can be done to remove grime as well as any motor oil stains and algae growth that can make it slippery and unsafe.

In addition to driveway cleaning, we offer power washing for other concrete surfaces. We can also assist you with driveway sealing to protect and seal the concrete.

Roof Cleaning For Your Afton Home

A good roof cleaning makes a big difference in how the entire property looks, simply because the roof area makes up so much of your home's curb appeal. Lightening and brightening the shingles helps to improve the look of your property, but most of all, it's also important maintenance to prevent roof decay. A yearly professional roof cleaning from Under Pressure is just what you need to clean, protect, and preserve your shingles.

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