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Commercial Pressure Washing For Your St. Louis Commercial Property

Concrete power washing

A commercial building looks really sharp when it's brand new, but time can take its toll as grime and algae turn it dark, green, and grimy. Our expert commercial pressure washing services for St. Louis businesses can renew the beauty of your concrete areas, walkways, and building walls, making them look clean, fresh and inviting again.

Contact Under Pressure today if you're local to our area and find out for yourself what makes us a dependable commercial pressure washing provider in St. Louis and the surrounding areas.

Our highly skilled commercial pressure washing technicians are able to get all types of stains out of concrete and other surfaces, including rust, oil, graffiti, algae, chemical stains, irrigation stains, paint stains, and more.

  • Rust stain removal
  • Graffiti removal
  • Oil stain removal
  • Chemical stain removal
  • Grease stain removal
  • Grime removal
  • Algae stain removal
  • Mildew stain removal

As we access a project for power washing in St. Louis, we determine which method needs to be used according to the surfaces we're cleaning. For instance, we may need to use higher settings for some commercial pressure washing applications, such as concrete cleaning, and lower settings for commercial soft washing for delicate surfaces, such as during the roof cleaning.

With our experience and careful attention, you can be sure you get the appropriate service which causes no harm to your property. For service you can trust, call Under Pressure to set up a free estimate and consultation today.

Commercial Pressure Washing Done Right

In many cases, a surface we're cleaning will need more than just a standard pressure washing. Just like pavers and brick, algae and mildew really love to thrive when it has the right food sources, moisture in the environment, and amount of shade from the sun.

Before you know it, your attractive commercial property, building, siding, fences, deck, and other areas have started to turn an ugly dark corner with sections of green growing all over it.

In cases where an algae treatment is necessary, our professionals use an eco-friendly soft washing method, which won't harm the shingles but will stop the algae problem. We do the same process for roof cleaning, house washing, and to clean other areas that are susceptible to damage.

- Although you most certainly don't like what it does to your curb appeal, what you probably don't know is how damaging the algae, lichen, and moss are to asphalt roof shingles, natural stone, pavers, brick, and concrete surfaces. It's important to get rid of the problem.

- You also need to understand that standard-setting on the power washer may loosen the growth but can't kill it and prevent it from coming back. The right methods must be used, or you'll be needing service again way too soon.

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