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Commercial Soft washing For Your St. Louis Commercial Property

Concrete washing

Our St. Louis commercial soft washing service can renew the beauty of your commercial property in all types of ways. Our power washing specialists can help your local business to get ahead of the competition by keeping your exterior areas clean and sharp looking.

We offer a full range of commercial soft washing techniques to clean the siding on buildings, windows, painted surfaces, pavers, natural stone, roofs, and other delicate surfaces.

We also use commercial pressure washing, which applies the appropriate amount of force to thoroughly clean and remove stains from harder surfaces like concrete entryways, sidewalks, drives, walkways, and retaining walls, making them look better than they have in years.

Our expert exterior cleaning technicians know how to safely clean your property and building without causing damage. You will be amazed at how fantastic the results will be. Enjoy a competitive estimate from our specialists at Under Pressure today!

  • Eco-Friendly Exterior Cleaning
  • Safe and Effective to Protect Your Assets
  • Experienced and Licensed Technicians
  • Professional Results That Last
  • Free Estimates and Consultations

Soft washing Your Commercial Building Using Earth-Friendly Products

Our family-owned business is local to the St. Louis area and dedicated to the communities we live and work in, so we do everything we can to protect the beauty and health of our natural environment.

We use a biodegradable commercial soft washing solution which is earth-friendly and safe for your patrons and employees. We believe in protecting our community and the clients we serve from chemical harm.

We use a special mix of biodegradable cleaning products for commercial soft washing, which is the right exterior cleaning method to use for delicate surfaces.

The procedure involves using a gentle cleansing formula. Although the formula we use is made of biodegradable cleaning products, it will very effectively lift and remove stains from siding, roofs, pavers, roofs, windows, and painted surfaces.

This solution can lift stains such as:

  • Red rust-colored stains from irrigation systems
  • Green algae stains on fences
  • Lichen and moss on the roof or other surfaces
  • Oil and grease stains on concrete
  • Black mold and mildew
  • Black algae stains on roofs and fences

Our biodegradable cleaning products soak down into the surface material without damaging it, breaking the bond between the cleaning surface and the stain. It kills the organisms at the roots so that they no longer have a hold of the surface. Then, the formula helps to deter new growth over the next several months. With regular service, you won't have to keep dealing with the problem over and over again.

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